my stance on DI and Unity3d is backed up by :

Dependency Injection in Unity is silly, and here’s why: Dependency Injection is an Inversion of Control Pattern. Unity relies on the Component Pattern, which uses the Service Locator Pattern, which is also an Inversion of Control Pattern. If you implement IoC on top of IoC, you’ve effectively made a redundant decoupling system, while simultaneously increasing […]

SOLID a la Unity3D

There is no perfect way to do code, but creating reusable behaviors and components with SOLID coding principles might be the secret to fast iteration and code reuse. Single Responsibility Principle These approaches should allows for changes along the line to prevent situations where small changes just break everything. Then I want to start making […]

General Assembly : React

I had felt for a long time that web development was a set of skills I should learn. I’ve lost the option of several really fantastic jobs because the skills just weren’t there. So I did something about it and picked up a class. I began working on a React-Native-Web app which intended to […]

Tiny Unity Preview

As Unity releases new features, I am compelled to consider projects which would aid in my learning of said projects. Usually they are too large to finish. TinyUnity, aka ‘Instant Unity’, will allow developers to produce HTML5 games and 2d visualizations which can work as interactive ads, Facebook messenger, and etc. These builds are promised […]

ECS Journeys – Tiny Unity

Transitioning to ECS seems to be a goal with Unity3D, understandably. So I’ll be transitioning as well. Seems like a big learning curve but I’ll begin by storing some good links for existing tools and articles here that I find. After some work on this, I have to declare that Tiny Unity isn’t ready. The […]

The natural world as inspiration for video games

This guy, Joe O’Connell, read my thoughts. I agree, naturalistic video games and movies are the best, especially those with tropes such as :  A harmony with the wilds  A past disaster that we’re doomed to create in reality, animist gods  A challenging look at good and evil, An exploration of developing a balance […]

Procedural Environment of Streamfall’s Wildlands

The Crash ( and Streamfall games in general) will be naturalistic and procedural. The version of The Crash posted elsewhere has a tile-based system, which works pretty well. What would be more natural looking would be voronoi cells. This means an entirely procedural approach, but some time I’d like to give it a try. Consider […]

Hosted a Game Jam

Roostercat Too had a game jam! I’m really happy to make the space available for people’s creative projects in collaboration. Video games are closest to my heart however, and I filled up the back room with great devs, good foods, and a weekend of great times. Below is a link for each of the projects, […]

Posted a game-feel Prototype for The Crash. Uses IK for feet placement.

This represents a branch of development of The Crash which is to run on the web as well as platforms like Steam. It uses IK for feet, and a sampling system of input and derivatives of the motion to do different things. It’s nowhere near finished. Next step is to have the character interacting with […]

Quick AR Maze test

I made a quick AR puzzle game before Unite2018, but hung it up after learning about ARFoundation. Switching code base and applying these concepts to something bigger.

ARFoundation’s beginnings

After Unite2018, I found out that I have some work ahead of me! Along with frankly mindblowing new Entity Component System, and fresh (for me) news of Tiny Unity, I also learned that Unity is hard at work on a lot of fantastic AR features, wrapped up in ARFoundation. I picked it up and started […]

The Crash – update

Over the years, I have worked off and on trying to build an RPG. Progress on it ramped up for most of 2018 up until a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would post some info about it. What I worked on lately : I put together a 3d procedural tile system which […]

Game Jam Game, made in a couple of days. Had a great time with a fantastic group of local developers. Check out the audio quality here, it’s top notch. I’ll probably post a WebGL version soon.

Action RPG Prototype Released

Streamfall.4 was just released to the Apple App store. Find it here on your iOS device. The app is a combat prototype which shows archery and the basics of melee combat as well as the camera system.     Many thanks to those who’ve contributed in some way! Charles Gruenert Chris Tran : […]

That one time I worked on a movie franchise

Working 14+ hour days and sleeping under desks is no longer a thing I care to do, but I wanted to share with folks this fun thing I helped make.  Starship Troopers: Invasion “Mobile Infantry” is still up on the store with some decent ratings. Give it a download and play some time. I worked […]


– Is a combat prototype which shows archery and the basics of melee combat as well as the camera system. Find it here : The Crash, Combat Prototype Many thanks to those who’ve contributed in some way! Charles Gruenert Chris Tran : Michelle Routt Gabriel Cordero Meggie Rock Darsyn Irwin Hanah Harris […] (formerly FuelFX)

FuelFX is taking names in the world of VR! The video showcases some things that I worked on – and it seems as if they have accomplished a huge amount of new things in VR since. Lots of new faces there. Nice to see forward momentum for a company I used to be a part of. […]

Pokemon Go and Education

“Gee offered the observation that, though the USA had long suffered from a stubborn academic achievement gap between poor minority children and white middle-class kids, he knew of no “Pokémon gap.” – USAToday Update! With new ‘native’ AR APIs for Android and iOS for single camera devices, we’ll be seeing these tools get better and better, […]

Project Tango is Here! Path-Finding App Development & Work with ARCortex

Check out ARCortex here : ARCortex’s company site   Built in Unity 3D, this early demo shows off a real-time mesh generating system and early path-finding between two user-generated pins within the mesh. Please view the videos below to see some of these first steps into this application:  

E3 2016! VR Galore!

Michelle had been really fortunate lately to have acquired tickets to E3! She had gotten them through a friend in the gaming industry, as a guest, and was extremely lucky to be able to attend. Attending E3 has been a long-standing dream for the team. Of course, Michelle took the opportunity to do some research for Streamfall […]

Denver Mini Maker Faire

At Streamfall Interactive, we definitely consider ourselves “makers”. We have a passion for building cool things – software, 3D printing, projectors and installations, etc. When we heard about the Denver Maker Fair in town, of course we had to be there, surrounding ourselves by other makers and their cool collection of tech, tinkering, and teaching. […]

Unite 2015 – Teams, Tech, Parties, and People

Our first Unite was, in short, amazing. We were happily grinning most of the time and said to each other, “I never want to miss another one”. Our buddy, Josh Montute over at ThinkSquirrel, reached out to us and asked if we wouldn’t mind helping volunteer at his booth for the week – answering people’s […]

Streamfall Interactive at PAX Prime 2015!

  This has been a happy rest while working on excellent client projects. Being at PAX, surrounded by game makers and players alike have renewed the passion and interests we have in working with games, and game engines. It’s nice to see people excited about this artform, and to see what people have been coming […]

Illusio – Choose with confidence.

Illusio’s new website is live.  This is a great fledgling company. I think that every plastic surgeon should be a customer, and I look forward to seeing this company grow. I was lead apps developer on this project since last year, and I think it is a great tool for surgeons. It is so exciting to see […]

Making amazing things with Vital Medicals

We are very happy to announce continued work with Vital Medicals. Vital Medicals is a great company which first got started with Google Glass and were inspired by what Augmented Reality could do for doctors. Take a look : Vital Medical’s Site Oliver Aalami, a surgeon from Vital Medicals, demoing a procedure using ODG’s R-6 eyewear […]

Streamfall Adventure RPG

It is a pleasure working on RPGs. The development blog chronicles progress on my suite of RPG tools over the years. I suppose the latest news is a new round of character concepts. Here are some, as drawn by Debbie Scheller. Check out the Development Blog some time.  

Universal Gravitation for Science Education

This is the first iteration of what could be an interactive and fun piece demonstrating one of the most important concepts in Physics. The force of gravity exists everywhere in the universe. This simulation shows what a bunch of particles might look like if there were nothing more massive nearby. This was an interesting technological […]

SmartPark Garage in Houston, TX

To view a demo of the project, please click here Username: Admin | Password: adminpassword   This is a preliminary offering of an interactive parking garage. Intended to be used as a larger system, this particular piece would be used for parking attendants and could be used to great affect in places like hotels. This was somewhat challenging to […]