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Published June 12, 2016

20160611_144737At Streamfall Interactive, we definitely consider ourselves “makers”. We have a passion for building cool things – software, 3D printing, projectors and installations, etc. When we heard about the Denver Maker Fair in town, of course we had to be there, surrounding ourselves by other makers and their cool collection of tech, tinkering, and teaching.20160611_135657_HDR

Having just moved to Denver from Kentucky, where we had our offices in a maker-space, we were both excited to be seeing the new local community. We made some great connections, and even reunited with people previously met at other meetups and networking events!

Michelle volunteered two of the days, helping and networking with local makers. Afterwards, we both attended and geeked out over the things we were seeing. Our friends at Serenity Forge were there as well, showing off their interactive musical game, made specifically for children’s hospitals.

The thing we were most impressed by was the amount of activities for kids, especially in getting them interested in programming and STEM subjects. With so many people offering classes on Arudino, basic circuitry, front end development, robotics, and the like, we were a bit jealous in some ways that we were not young enough to take advantage of all the opportunities presented!








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