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Published September 5, 2017

Streamfall.4 was just released to the Apple App store.

Find it here on your iOS device.

The app is a combat prototype which shows archery and the basics of melee combat as well as the camera system.



Many thanks to those who’ve contributed in some way!

  • Charles Gruenert
  • Chris Tran :
  • Michelle Routt
  • Gabriel Cordero
  • Meggie Rock
  • Darsyn Irwin
  • Hanah Harris

Road Map

  • Demo with tutorial, mini-story, and refined gameplay
  • Better lead for archery
  • Lewt
  • Multiplayer/local co-op support?
  • Team formations and strategic pc play
  • Deep magic system
  • Randomly generated environments
  • Episodic story with linear and non-linear elements
  • All-new character models
  • Shield and blocking system
  • Android, iOS, other touch-based systems
  • Enemies with fun combat ai
~ feedback please ~


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