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Published August 7, 2019
I had felt for a long time that web development was a set of skills I should learn. I’ve lost the option of several really fantastic jobs because the skills just weren’t there. So I did something about it and picked up a class. I began working on a React-Native-Web app which intended to search for a description of the problem, such as ‘lung’ or ‘heart’, allowing you to find procedures related to that search term. Selecting the specific procedure, then find a nearby hospital that provides that nearby. I ran into some trouble because all hospitals do not disclose their CPT codes in their prices, and hospitals may use different descriptions for those codes. In any case, I learned a lot about working with JS and gained a formidable set of tools with which to write complex web applications.
  • Working in Node and NPM
  •  JS/JSX concepts, such as arrow functions, nested components, props, and working with tests
  • Practiced with git from the command line and practice working in a job environment with git.
  • Class component lifecycle
  • Data management
  • React Router
  • Styling and practice with CSS (it had been a while)
  • Live Search
  • Context in three parts, and a huge refactoring of a messy project
  • Hooks and updating the DOM with precision
  • using Netlify to host a project
  • GraphQL
Overall I would recommend General Assembly because they introduce you to some really important industry standards which course content probably has not yet been written. The class was taught by someone who actually does this work for a living.

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