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Published May 10, 2021
A little tired of expecting something to work in Sword Stack and come to find that some feature is broken which I was not aware of. No more with the excuse ‘It’s in surgery, going to have to sew this baby back up and get back to you!’. Thankfully I’ve gotten pretty well caught up with learning TDD, and while I find TDD to be too finicky for each feature that I write, I do want to ensure that the flow between scenes remains intact, and that things like character movement and the existence of XYZ does work. There are plenty of tutorials, including one by Unity which uses their cloud build service. However, my internet availability is going to be a bit spotty over the summer, so I want to be able to do the whole thing locally. I’ll be working through this tutorial : Gitlab, and my first go at DevOps, here we go.


Firstly, I’ve recently switched back to Windows for development. This switch has come with some set up, as I hadn’t even installed git on this fresh windows installation.
  1. Windows Powershell
  2. Rider
  3. Unity3d 2019.3.13f1


I’ve always needed to type ‘./’ before launching any application, and am always surprised when steps like those below never actually run.
sudo gitlab-runner register   
Windows CI using GitLab proved challenging, requiring writing batch files etc. TODO : I need to finish this article!

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