Survive with hot-swappable AI friends at your side.

CoOp Multiplayer, over bluetooth and wifi so you can play with your friends with or without a wifi connection.

Draw on the screen to perform melee combos, and tap your way through a fantastic world.


Hunt, gather, and explore.

For those equipped with a projectile weapon can engage in FPS style combat.

Enemies fly, hunt in packs, and are sometimes hard to find in the environment.

Three dimensional Environments with cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, and alpine lakes.

Story Driven Linear storyline. Explore to find the next significant moment.

Sandbox style freedom allows you to roam.

The dynamic camera allows you to view the action up close or in an isometric perspective, all with a screen or joystick flick.

‘Grow as you do’ style RPG stat system. Become a fast moving skirmisher, healing warrior, fast moving mage, or thieving ranger – whatever combination you can dream up.

Intense Physics driven combat. Use your allies to make a shield wall, a delta spearhead, or a staggered line of protection.

Rich combat system allows you to perform combo attacks based on your gestures.

Discover flora, fauna, and the rich history of an alien land.