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Published December 6, 2014

This is the first iteration of what could be an interactive and fun piece demonstrating one of the most important concepts in Physics.

The force of gravity exists everywhere in the universe. This simulation shows what a bunch of particles might look like if there were nothing more massive nearby.

This was an interesting technological challenge for me because these particles are not Unity3d GameObjects. They are actually Particle Renderer particles, being cached every Update(), are then calculated (hundreds of calculations per frame), then at the end of the frame – offset based off of the calculation, then pushed back into the ParticleRenderer’s array of particles. The amount would not be possible otherwise.

I’d like to do this on either a massive scale, with the viewer watching it as they please from different scales. Or, using an astronomy database (with a limited sample), then sped up to watch the universe do its thing. I think this would a really great thing to see in a classroom or a museum.

Looking forward to working on this more.

*To view demo below, please use a browser other than Chrome.

[unity src=”53″]

New WebGL Version can be found here!


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