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Published January 31, 2015



It is a pleasure working on RPGs. The development blog chronicles progress on my suite of RPG tools over the years.

I suppose the latest news is a new round of character concepts. Here are some, as drawn by Debbie Scheller.

Check out the Development Blog some time.




  1. kira christine garcia kira christine garcia

    all your your work is amazing 🙂

    • Richard Bryan Richard Bryan

      Hi Kira! How are you?

      I want to see any work you did for the website. Did you see the video? This is the promo version, with little talking from me : We will be changing the art soon. Say hi to your mom for me!


  2. Adrian Adrian

    Definitely looking forward to this game! Thanks for talking to me at comicpalooza

    • Richard Bryan Richard Bryan

      Hi Adrian! Thank you for coming by. Did you have some critique or info that you would like to share with us?

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