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That one time I worked on a movie franchise

Working 14+ hour days and sleeping under desks is no longer a thing I care to do, but I wanted to share with folks this fun thing I helped make.  Starship Troopers: Invasion “Mobile Infantry” is still up on the store with some decent ratings. Give it a download and play some time. I worked on the UI portion. I’m proud of this, and would like to work on games again.


Bandit King

characterselect death

Your characters ( Phillip and Anita) power their way through the forest, following the footsteps of the Bandit King and his hordes. Use finger gestures to wield sword, bow, and shield to hack your way through the Bandit King’s forces in an attempt to reclaim your lost sister.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.52.29 AM

Voronoi Pathing / Areas + Runner + SwordStack mechanics = Bandit King! This will be a preliminary mini game leading up to full releases of Swordstack during production.

These are some of our initial stream-of-consciousness drawings, thinking about overall look and UI design.

Hold on to your pants.

WIP shown here


SmartPark Garage in Houston, TX

To view a demo of the project, please click here

Username: Admin | Password: adminpassword


screenshot2This is a preliminary offering of an interactive parking garage. Intended to be used as a larger system, this particular piece would be used for parking attendants and could be used to great affect in places like hotels.

This was somewhat challenging to build because of the amount of draw calls. Not to mention the sheer amount of parking spaces to distribute.

Bryan was primarily in charge of bringing all the elements together, and coding, while Michelle handled UI design and implementation in Unity 3D. The 3D models were provided from a sub-contractor on the project.



screenshot1_v2 smartpark_screenshots_parkingspots_v2